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Environment variables

The global parameters can be configured using environment variables.


Increase verbosity of output:



Set the base directory using $UNIGET_PREFIX or --prefix. See chroot for more information.

Set the target directory $UNIGET_TARGET or --target.

Set the user context using $UNIGET_USER or --user. See context for more information.

User interaction

Disable user interaction with $UNIGET_NO_INTERACTIVE=1 or --no-interactive. This feature was removed in 0.12.0.

Configure default behaviour

Configure defaults for uniget using environment variables.

User context

Configure operations to operate in user context:

export UNIGET_USER=true

Custom target directory

Configure a custo mtarget directory:

export UNIGET_TARGET=/opt/uniget

Metadata download

Automatically update the metadata when needed: