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The uniget CLI comes with help included. The following scenarios are meant as quickstart tutorials.

You want the default set of tools

By default, uniget will only install a small set of tools.

uniget install --default

You want to investigate which tools are available

List which tools are available in uniget:

uniget list

You want to install a specific tool

It is possible to install individual tools:

uniget install gojq
uniget install kubectl helm

You want to search for tools

You can search for the specified term in names, tags and dependencies:

uniget search jq

If you are running this interactively, a small text-based UI offers to install selected tools from the search results. This feature was removed in 0.12.0.

You want to update installed tools

Updated tools which are already installed:

uniget update
uniget upgrade

You want to see what will happen

Show which tools will be processed and updated:

uniget install containerd --plan
uniget upgrade --plan

Reinstall tool(s)

By adding the --reinstall parameter, the selected tools can be reinstalled regardless if they are outdated:

uniget install gojq --reinstall